1 After a liver transplant, does a person have high infection rates and lead a very restricted life? 2002
2 Are life-long medicines necessary after liver transplant? 2088
3 What is the success rate of liver transplantation? 2423
4 Is liver donation safe? 2426
5 Who can be a liver donor? 2059
6 What is the procedure for proceeding with liver transplant? 2037
7 What are the symptoms of liver disease? 2044
8 Who needs a liver transplant? 2003
9 How is body's accepting or rejecting the organ transplanted? 2050
10 How can we find the organs for transplantation? 1956
12 What is the success rate in organ transplantations in our country? 6570
13 Does giving some part of my liver or one of kidneys to my brother or sister affect my health condition? 2072
14 Does the fact that I have donated organ affect my medical care in emergency service? 1943
15 Which organs can be transplanted? 2046
16 May I give up donating my organs? 2054
17 Is there any age limit for organ donation? 2901
18 Is the body unity preserved during the organ transplantation operation? 2225
19 Do the family members or the state reimburse the hospital expenses of a patient whose brain has died during the intense care and whose organs are donated, but who do not have any social insurance? Is money paid to the family of such patient? 1954
20 What does Cadaver Coordination Systems mean? 2329
21 What is the difference between brain death and persistent vegetative state? 5801
22 What is the difference between brain death and real death? 7925
23 Can the information taken during organ transplantation be captured by organ traders? 2016
24 Considering that the organ transplant is an area open to abuse, how is the system controlled? 2009
25 Can the organs I donate be sold for money? 2608
26 Can anyone's organ be transplanted to anyone? 2277
27 Why do we need liver transplantation? 2166