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Swap Transplantation


Swap transplantation is a method to match the blood group incompatible donor and recipient couples with the couples having the same problems.
For a long time the liver transplantation is performed through the deceased organs that are donated by the families or from the relatives of the recipients that donate the part of their livers. Every day in the world a lot of people catch a chance to live with liver transplantation, and they return their healthy, active lives. The success rate of liver transplantation increased rapidly in recent years with the development of new drugs and surgical technique. Also the survival rate and the quality of life has increased. The popularity of swap transplantation is started with the kidney transplantation and later on started to be implemented for the liver transplants, with this swap transplantation method you can save the life of many people.
Different centers in Turkey, we know that these patients lost their lives unaware of each other and cadaver waiting list. Our goal is to match the people through this site, to ensure these operations can be performed in liver transplant centers.
Work to be done, to apply this website for to save the life of your patient. So that people living in the same health problem comes together and share the journey.
We wish you a long and healthy life...



Unknown to one another, but in need of a transplant to live Naz 8 month old baby and 70-year-old Konstantin Ipseftel’s families, the liver was swaped.

The baby Naz was born in July 2012, is a kind of jaundice and not passed. When she was 2 months old to the conducted medical tests showed that she had  no congenital bile duct which is called biliary atresia. With surgery, bile duct ligated to intestine.

However, this is a time-saving surgery was not enough to save the baby's liver. Cirrhosis developed in a short time. The only chance for the survival of liver transplant. Mother Songül Karayanık’s (26) 0 Rh-positive blood group was compatible but the liver lobe is too big for her. Songül Karayanık gave 10 kilos in two months. Even so, liver wasn’t small enough. Then family went to Sisli Florence Nightingale Hospital, Organ Transplant Center, Yaman Tokat MD, and apply to the swap liver transplantation list.


What is Swap Transplantation?

Swap transplantation is applied in patients without blood group compatible donors. People who wants to donate the peace of their liver, if the blood type is not compatible, come to the organ transplant center and prepared for swap transplantation.(...)
Legal Notice

Turkish Organ Transplantation Law
The Turkish govermental rules claim that to be a live organ donor in Turkey you should be the wife or husband of the recipient (patient) or up to fourth degree relative.
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